T-170 or The Elliptical Stages

I started my second morning out with a trip to the gym for an hour of cardio. I started with what I wanted to be an attempt at one speedy mile on the treadmill. I warmed up for 6 minutes at 5 mph and then bumped it up to 7.5 mph to test my mile speed. After a .5 miles at or above 7.5 I couldn’t go any farther. I think I’m going to start giving myself a mile test every couple of weeks just to check out my speed.

After my 12 whole minutes on the treadmill, I headed on to the elliptical. I have had a rollercoaster relationship with the elliptical. Before I could run, I loved it. After I started running, I stopped using the elliptical because I thought “Why not use the treadmill if I’m in the gym?” (Obviously I had not fully learned to appreciate cross training yet). After that stage, I started training for triathlons, which meant that if I was “cross” training I was biking or swimming, not using the elliptical. The most recent stage was sadly the “I’m lucky if I get enough runs in let alone any cross training” stage. I’m proud to say that as of this week I’m back in the using the elliptical as much or probably more than the treadmill stage. Since I only plan to run 3 times a week for half marathon training, I’ll need a good place to log my cross training days. I’ll probably bike some but the elliptical is the best place for me to get long cardio time in because I like to do that before work and because I’ve discovered something awesome about the elliptical:


So today, I read and used the elliptical for 48 minutes. My latest read is The Imperfectionists which is interesting. I’m over a quarter of the way through the book and I think we are our 4th or 5th narrator – and by and large these narrators are not in the same place, time, or storyline. I’m sure it will all tie together at some point.

So overall, a good workout this a.m. My eats were right on track today.


Daily Statistics

  • Exercise:
    • Ran 12 minutes (1.1 miles)
    • Elliptical 48 minutes (4.6 miles) with some hill/interval training and one long uphill/downhill at the end.
  • Food:
    • Breakfast: Speak K Chocolate Delight + Milk
    • Lunch: Jimmy John’s #4 no sprouts
    • Dinner: Chicken Carbonara lean cuisine, broiled cauliflower, ice cream cone from McD’s (just 150 calories!)
    • Total Calories: 1427
    • I know it does not look like I’m on a diet with today’s eats, but what makes counting calories great is that I just have to stick to the goal, which is precisely what I did here today.
  • Weight: This will be updated weekly on my Wednesday posts (published Thursday during the day).

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