T-168, or Paper Flowers = Paper Cuts

Yesterday, I spent at least 5 hours working on paper flowers for the wedding. I know this isn’t the most conventional thing but I really like them. M was very skeptical after I made some a while ago (after seeing them on one of Mary’s blog) but this time around I did them with better paper and a bit more flair.

This is my first attempt at a centerpiece:

M’s opinion has vastly changed now that he’s seen a more complete centerpiece. He’s even help fold some petals 🙂

If you want to check out the tutorial on how to make these, go here. I might make my own tutorial at a later date that’s a bit more detailed on how I made my centerpieces. The above one is not the final version. We aren’t totally decided on it yet.

Randomly while I was at Michael’s, which I’ve been to three times this weekend, I saw a lady carrying The Big Book of Exercise. I saw someone comment on this book on a blog this past week, so I asked the lady if she had bought it at the Michael’s. I thought it was strange for Michael’s to sell such a thing, and there was a bookstore next door. But nope she said they did have the book, so I went back and found it. I did one of the beginner weight lifting things at the gym, which I really liked.

M and I met his family to see a show at Beef and Boards (dinner + local theater, essentially). Dinner was a buffet. I didn’t do the greatest, but I didn’t go completely overboard. I’m also continuing to do well on no drinking even though we still have miller lites in the fridge.

Daily Statistics

  • Exercise:
    • 20 minutes of weight lifting
  • Food:
    • Breakfast: Special K chocolate cereal and milk
    • Lunch: 3 hard tacos from Taco Bell (510 calories)
    • Dinner: roast beef, small sides of mashed potato and mac and cheese, salad, and split chocolate flourless cake with M
    • Total Calories: 1765 (with dinner at 1,000 – which is an estimate)

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