T-167 – T-165

I’d love to think that I’m going to post every day, but that’s just not realistic for me. As an example, here was my day today:

  • 6:10 wake up
  • 6:30 cardio core class at gym
  • 7:35 get ready
  • 8:00 commute
  • 8:20 Kohls (needed something for our trip this weekend)
  • 9:00 Attorney meeting at Bob Evans
  • 10:30 – 3:30 work (non-stop today, which is a new development that I’m really loving but also simultaneously stressing out about)
  • 3:30 drive downtown
  • 4:00 CLE downtown
  • 5:15 drive across downtown
  • 5:30 IndyTalks event with M
  • 8:00 get home and relax for first time all day
Luckily this isn’t my every day, but it’s becoming more common for me to have these days often. It makes me very happy that I got to the gym this morning and therefore had no excuse to not work out. Yesterday, I did not make it to the gym in the morning and subsequently only went to the gym with M for 30 minutes last night. I’m really aiming for 60 minutes of cardio most days and M doesn’t want to go the gym for that long so if I don’t go by myself and/or in the morning I won’t get 60 minutes in. I really value our time together so I didn’t want to spend time at the gym that I could be spending with him instead.
Anyway, things are going well still. I didn’t get as much gym time in this weekend as I would have liked but my weight is continuing to creep down. I think tomorrow’s weigh in will bring very good news.
  • Calories:
    • Sunday: 1,325
    • Monday: 1,260 (give or take some calories for a cupcake that I could only estimate – and this by the way is the reason I love calorie counting because I can choose to eat whatever I want as long as I stay in my calorie zone)
    • Tuesday: 1,377
  • Workouts
    • Sunday: nadda
    • Monday: 31 minute run (3 miles) – did 3×400 speedwork in the middle
    • Tuesday: cardio core class

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