(M and I, circa August 2009)

How this blog started

On Tuesday, May 10, 2011, The Knot told me I was getting married in 172 days. That same day I ate in no particular order: a 3.5-serving-size bag of Cheetos, a small bag of Sour Patch Kids, two pieces of (delicious) cake, countless bites of cheese and crackers and spanakopita, breakfast, and lunch. Let’s just say I wasn’t getting any closer to my dream wedding body.

That night as I drove home from my book club (a monthly meeting which I love every bit about, except the inevitable binge), I decided that I know October 29, 2011, is going to be the happiest day of my life to date period but I want more. I’m marrying the man of my dreams, everyone I love will (hopefully) be there, and I get to throw an amazing party. But I want to be happy days/years/decades later when I look at the pictures of that day. I want to know that I did everything in my power to look beautiful – I owe it to my future self and future husband (who I will say time and time again is amazing and not pressuring me to lose weight in any way, shape or form).

And so that night I decided to start this blog. The name isn’t the greatest (it was the best I could come up with) but it gets the point across. I want to have a body I’ll be proud* of in 20 years by the time my wedding is here. And I’m going to write about (almost) every step of that journey here. The blog will focus primarily on what I’m eating, how I’m working out, and the progress or lack there of I’m making on getting my dream body, but I may also write about wedding planning and how I refuse to be even a little bridezilla-esque.

What I hope the next 172 days will bring 

The day after the book club induced binge, I weighed in at 187.5. I am going to set my wedding goal weight at 140. I have never in my adult life weighed 140. Hell I haven’t weighed even 160 for at least 7 years (and I don’t even know that I did then), so if I get to 150 or 160 and I feel great about my body I may alter my goal weight. But for now, that is the goal.

I’m also hopeful this blog will help me start learning to maintain healthy habits and workout routines so that once the wedding comes and goes I can stay at or around my health weight.

I also hope that in 158 days (i.e., 14 days before the wedding), I get to write my joy of finally breaking my half marathon PR.

Who I am

I’m a lot of things: lawyer, runner, fiancee, reader, former (and perhaps future) triathlete, healthy living blog fanatic, prior blogger, cyclist, friend, sister, daughter, aunt, amateur cook…

This blog will focus a lot on running. I’ve done a lot of running in the past four years. Go to my running page for more information.

But mostly this blog will about become the healthy happy me I owe to myself and my future husband on our wedding day.

*I know there are a lot of “movements” out there about body image, loving your body, etc. I’ve read those blogs, respect the women behind them, and want everyone to love their body all the time. In fact, I do love my body – I just want to work on it. I also love my body enough to know that I need to lose weight to get in more of a healthy range. I respect healthy body image movements and don’t want any one to hate their body, but I am doing this for me. I have always wanted to get down to a healthy body weight and be comfortable in a bikini. I have never done it though and now is my chance. I am proud of a lot of things my body has powered me through, but this goal is different and will be focused primarily on physical appearance. If that triggers an ED in you or other negative reactions, please feel free not to read.


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