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Week 1 Weigh In

A little recent history: Before we got engaged, M and I both tried the diet associated with the 4 Hour Body Project. It’s basically a low carb diet with the addition of beans. Because I hate beans, this was obviously not a good idea. This diet also involves a pure binge day. Needless to say, I never lost any weight that stuck past the binge day.

When we went to Nashville (the weekend we got engaged), I can’t remember what specific diet if any we were on.

M and I decided the day after we got engaged that we were both going to try to lose some weight prior to the wedding. M even decided we should take a last trip to Dairy Queen to splurge one last time. The odd part of that was we weren’t regular DQ customers before that, but oh well, it was symbolic nonetheless. I joined Weight Watchers within a few days, or even that night.

Weight Watchers was okay but I think I was eating too few calories (like below 1200). I also never really kept it together on the weekends on WW. I dropped some weight but would gain it all back every weekend – this is the big reason I’m giving up drinking for the most part.

I’ve only had real success in weight loss twice. The first time I did Atkins in Summer 2004. I was at my heighest weight ever when I started that and I probably lost 60 pounds. ┬áThe second success was from November 2008 to March 2009 when I lost about 30 pounds. The second time my success came from counting calories.

Atkins was obviously out, so I decided to count calories again. I like counting calories because I can eat whatever I want – it just has to be within my calorie range. And I have no excuses. The only real difficulty with it is restaurants that don’t have caloric information available. Thankfully companies are providing this information more and more.

Anyway, the History of Jaimie’s Weigh Loss is not what you came for.

You came for the weigh in.

I’ve walked around today very proud, because I have lost 6.5 pounds since last Wednesday! Calorie counting and working out are clearly doing something for me. I know I won’t have this high of numbers every week, but I’ll take it this week! And I’ll use it to motivate me next week and the week after. There’s nothing stopping me this time. And there won’t be more to my weight loss roller coaster. This is the last time I’m going to need to lose weight (absent pregnancy weight).


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