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T-169, or We Have Bridesmaids’ Dresses

After work last night afternoon (my boss has an awesome tendency to tell us to go home early on Friday), I stopped at the grocery store to pick up the makings for this recipe.  Two hours later, M and I were eating a delicious dinner. Definitely check this recipe out if you want a quick, easy, delicious crockpot dinner.

M then went to softball, and I met my parents and sister at David’s Bridal to have my sister try on a new bridesmaids’ dress I found last week with my BFF MOH. (I have two MOH – my sister, the maid of honor, and my best friend from college, Ashlee, the matron of honor). The week after we got engaged, my mom, M’s mom, sis MOH, BFF MOH,and ex-co-worker BM (she needs a shorter nickname) went dress shopping. We originally picked this dress out for the BMs:

We were going to do it in wine color (which is not the color shown).

I really liked this dress, but it’s a bit plain and I wasn’t sold on the color because I really want my shoes to match the BM dresses and I could not find wine colored shoes. So BFF MOH and I went last week again to look at colors primarily, but we ended up not only changing colors but dresses.

We liked two dresses:

My sister tried both on and while both looked good, we decided that with the weather being a crap shoot in late October, dress number two was the winner. The color is actually the same as the one above. I love it! And I’m very happy with the color change.

After dress shopping, I went to dinner with my family. I had a few peanuts and more than a few diet cokes, but managed to avoid the delicious bread and everything else that I could have eaten. My willpower has been very good so far and I hope to keep it up. The challenge will come today when I have a buffet dinner! UGH!


Daily Statistics

  • Exercise:
    • Ran 31 minutes (2.5 miles) with my neighbor
    • Ran 28 minutes (2.5 miles) on the treadmill after the run with the neighbor
  • Food:
    • Breakfast: Bagel Thin Asparagus Mushroom Egg Sandwich from Einstein’s.
    • Lunch: Marie Callender’s Three Cheese Tortellini and yogurt
    • Dinner: buffalo chicken on slimwich (90 calorie bun) with 2% pepperjack cheese and  green beans, later – another ice cream cone from McD’s
    • Total Calories: 1344 + some peanuts (probably 10 – 15 peanuts total)

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